October 26, 2009

On Friday we participated in the PRSA/PRSSA Shadow Day, in which an ASU PRSSA student had the opportunity to sit in on a day at the office of a PRSA counterpart.  HMA was fortunate to be teamed with two students, Emily and Christine, and Alison’s PRSSA mentee, Britnee, joined us for the latter part of our day.

The girls arrived at 10 a.m. sharp with plenty of questions.  They spent some time chatting with both Abbie and Alison about everything from the interview process to social media. 

PRSA-PRSSA Shadow Day 2009As Scott was out of town, Abbie, Alison and Beth headed to lunch at the Vig with Emily and Christine, and Britnee met us there, where we talked about our experiences at ASU, and the conversation turned back to social media.

Britnee and Emily both found all of the information about Twitter and Facebook as tactics rather than strategies very useful.  “It makes sense that social media is one strategy and not to be used RATHER than, but in conjunction with, the other strategies of a campaign,” Britnee said when we grilled her about what she’d learned that day.  “And as far as ROI, I loved learning about hashtags and applying social media measurement as it grows.”

They also learned about how all marketing communications can work together toward a goal.  For Christine, it was her first taste of life at an agency, and she was ready for more!  “Having yet to intern or experience life in a public relations agency, it was fascinating to see just how much multi-tasking goes into every day,” she said at lunch.  “Going from writing an article to pitching a story to creating online content to staffing a photo shoot – life at an agency seems anything but boring, and something I am ready to try.”

PRSSA Gals w BethWe think these girls are ahead of the curve – they’ve joined PRSSA and are taking full advantage of it, have had several interesting internships and are just about done at ASU.  They’ve also, as Abbie pointed out, begun their due diligence in PR – stuffing envelopes (something they helped with at our office).

Look for big things from these girls!


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