Notre Dame – Failure to Communicate (at appropriate time)?

December 11, 2009

With the traditional and online news media still chomping at the bit for every ounce of Tiger Woods gossip they can squeeze out of every nook and cranny, the sports media is starting to talk about another possible reputation crisis in the making – Notre Dame, and its decision to hire/announce Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly as the new Irish head coach…right before the Cincinnati football banquet where he would be lauded as a hero…where he had to tell his team – undefeated this year after starting the season unranked – he wouldn’t coach them in their big Sugar Bowl debut later this month.

Any public relations person worth his/her salt should be following the communication strategy of Kelly and Notre Dame these next few days – it has it all!

  • Wide-eyed (okay, wide-shouldered) college kids from Cincinnati feeling abandoned and betrayed – very publicly;
  • Accusations of Notre Dame throwing around money yet again to try to hide the fact they are no longer a force in the BCS; and
  • Doubts the hiring will even matter – or that Notre Dame ever will again.

As a life-long Notre Dame fan and native of South Bend, I am rooting for the Irish through this time, but I certainly see that the Notre Dame communications department has their hands full. What do you think is the best move for Notre Dame in these next few days?


One Response to “Notre Dame – Failure to Communicate (at appropriate time)?”

  1. Binturong Says:

    ND should be ashamed. It leaked out that Brian Kelly signed before he could notify his players, as he promised them.

    Brian Kelly needs a lesson in ‘inter-personal communications’ also. You don’t tell players ‘I’m not going anywhere’ as you board a plane for an interview.

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