Challenge Accepted!

December 28, 2009

HMA’s team is always up for challenge – especially one that involves photos and the holidays, Mr. Chris Brogan!

As you will see from his blog post, author/social media activist Brogan is interested in seeing what really happens during the holidays.

So, take a look at the most recent photos he’s posted here, and then see how ours stack up – how’d we do?

  • As you may know, Abbie S. Fink, HMA’s vice president and general manager is a huge Donny Osmond fan. Co-worker Beth Wilkinson and her clan, the Wilkinson/Sullivan/Nizzolis, were nice enough to surprise her with “The Osmonds – Love Me For a Reason” album as a Hanukkah gift.  Love it!


  • HMA’s senior account exec, Alison Bailin Batz, attempting to get her hubby, Brian, into excessive holiday spirit by forcing reindeer ears on and a gingerbread wreath around his head. Lasted about two minutes – just long enough for Alison’s crafty sister to snap a photo!


  • Scott Hanson, president of HMA Public Relations, hosts a huge Christmas Eve party at his house.  Among his responsibilities is to make sure Santa makes the transition from the sleigh to the neighborhood safely.


  • Living in a small studio apartment, HMA account coordinator Beth Wilkinson didn’t have the space for a Christmas tree but still wanted a place to hang her (few) ornaments.  The solution – a four-foot tall, two-dimensional tree made from magazines she’d read over the past year.  Space, cost-efficient and recyclable to boot!

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