LeBron TV?

September 11, 2009

scottA new TV network may be in the works.

In an effort to circumvent the National Basketball Association’s salary cap rules, Cablevision, which owns the New York Knicks, is apparently preparing to offer Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James his own network.

NBA rules do not allow the Knicks to offer more money to James than the Cavaliers when his contract with the Cavs expires after next season.

If this actually happens, entities such as Nike could begin producing their own programming for what would appear to be perfect venue.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


alisonAt last night’s #journchatphx, there was a buzz in the room about how to get clients and the community at large to accept – and engage – in social media. As a panelist, I chimed in that it will happen, but in an old-school way and mentioned that the king of “traditional” entertainment, branding, pitching – Michael Jordan – may be the answer. I then mentioned a recent Mashable article touting how Gatorade was going to use Jordan’s upcoming induction to the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame to make a statement in the social realm.

Sadly, I didn’t have the article handy at that moment – so here it isjordan_gatorade

As you see, Gatorade – who owes their entire brand identity to Jordan – is launching a Jordan nostalgia/greatest hits Facebook App that is already getting major international buzz.

So, fellow #journchat Tweeps – what do you think? Will using the greatest traditional pitchman of all time help the world embrace social media? Will it give us even more ammunition in our on-going conversations about social media to our bosses, clients and colleagues?

How NOT to go Viral!

August 3, 2009

alisonAs a Phoenix Suns fan, I can remember a time not too long ago when I cheered for an All-Star named Stephon Marbury. Fast forward a few years, and aside from Kobe Bryant, there is no player I “Boo” more than him.

But now, with the help of twitter and the sad, sad “Stephon TV,” I find myself feeling sorry for him…or at least his public relations team.

ESPN reporter J.A. Adonde put it best in this article – Shaq used Twitter, You Tube and other social media DELIBERATELY and STRATEGICALLY to boost and update his larger-than-life persona. But, now others are trying desperately to replicate his success, with no strategy, rhyme or reason. The result, Stephon “Starbury” Marbury crying on camera and calling himself names. I feel for his public relations team on this one…and hope this wasn’t their idea.

Be careful folks – social media is a tool, not a way to show that you are the tool.

scottIn an effort to hang on to a piece of the Cactus League spring training bounty, the city of Tucson is trying to convince the Baltimore Orioles that the Old Pueblo would be a better training site than Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

GOODYEAR BASEBALL BROCHURETucson officials, i.e. the Pima County Sports and Tourism Authority, should talk to the folks in Goodyear, who successfully lured both the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds out of Florida.

Goodyear had a new stadium and training facility to offer up, along with a slick marketing piece created by the HMA Public Relations team to use in their efforts to get the two clubs into the West Valley.

Here’s to hoping the O’s come west.  There’s never enough baseball here.

All-Star Game

April 14, 2009

scott2Phoenix has apparently served its debt to Major League Baseball for being a National League city.

Back when Jerry Colangelo was wheeling and dealing to get the Diamondbacks franchise – he was thankfully adamant about being a National League club.

With MLB’s announcement that the Major League All-Star Game will be played at Chase Field in 2011, it is safe to say that our 10-15 year sentence unofficially imposed by “baseball” has been reduced to 11 years with good behavior. 

It’s about time.  And the trade-off of National League vs. American League was well worth the penance (not to be confused with pennants!)


Very cool!

Longtime HMA client Subway® Restaurants of Arizona is now the official sub of the Arizona Diamondbacks and a sponsor of the team. Throughout the baseball season, Subway will work with the Diamondbacks to create in-store and stadium promotions for its many local baseball fans. To kick off the partnership, Subway is launching an in-store drawing where kids can enter to win the chance to take the field with their favorite starting Diamondbacks player during a regular season home game. little-league-subway-sign1

The contest is open to kids between the ages of seven and 15, and no purchase is necessary to enter. Entry forms will be available in all participating Subway locations.

Subway is also a sponsor and the “Official Sub of the Phoenix Suns.”


To everyone who attended the inaugural PRSA Lunch at Night…Phew, what fun! Enjoy the photos, courtesy of the folks here at HMA.

dsc04709To the wonderful folks at the Phoenix Suns, especially Krystal Temple Heaton, Jamie Morris LeVine, Cassidy Kersten, Julie Fie, Amy Martin and Niki Adams…THANK YOU! 

For everyone who couldn’t make it this time dsc04711around, the program focused on how the public relations/new media/marketing team for the Phoenix Suns works together to media train players and personnel, deal with crisis situations, give back to the community and to put together larger-scale events such as the NBA All-Star Game.

dsc04712Oh…and they Suns had a few surprises up their sleeves for PRSA as well including a visit from Suns GM and NBA legend Steve Kerr, a behind-the-scenes chance to see the team get pumped up before the game and a tour of the credentialed media area!

PRSA looks forward to seeing you at next month’s luncheon, which will be back to lunch time at the University Club on March 25.



Spring Training Rituals

February 18, 2009

“I guess we better call the media.”

That’s the New York Yankees’ battle cry every year about the time pitchers and catchers report for spring training.  Worse – it’s the same reason year after year:  we’ve got a player who has cheated using performance-enhancing drugs.

Jason Giambi gave an ambiguous confession at Yankee Stadium on the eve of spring training in 2005.

Andy Pettitte gave an emotional and lengthy confession when he arrived at spring training last year.

This year it was Alex Rodriguez, who admitted to using steroids over a three-year period.

A-Rod had the mic for about 32 minutes before the monologue ended. No follow-up questions were permitted.  Last year’s “I did it and I’m sorry” speech from Pettitte was about an hour long.

It’s too bad that some things have become routine for the media relations staffs at professional sports teams.

Hoops with Tony Parker

February 13, 2009


Our client, Subway Restaurants of Arizona, took advantage of this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game anddscf13451 the buzz surrounding downtown Phoenix to launch a new basketball-themed promotion called the “3-Point Play” in a creative way.

Subway partner, NBA All-Star and San Antonio Spur Tony Parker visited the Subway Restaurant located at the Arizona Center this morning, which dscf1368transformed itself into a partial basketball court for the occasion, to shoot hoops with local residents and to talk about the new promotion.  alison-suns

Subway Restaurants of Arizona is the “Official Sub of the Phoenix Suns” and a proud supporter of professional and children’s athletic programs statewide.

Oh – and yes, HMA staffers attending wore SUNS shirts to the event. Tony smiled and said Boris Diaw said “hi.”

Cardinals Passion

January 21, 2009

cards-5I think my hand has recovered from Sunday’s Cardinals victory over the Eagles. 
The quarter-mile of high-fives with every other fan on their way out of the University of Phoenix Stadium was euphoric for fans – including me.

cards-3I’m not sure it topped Game Seven of the 2001 World Series when Luis Gonzalez won it for the Diamondbacks with a bottom of the ninth-inning single – but it is VERY close.

The predictions for Super Bowl XLIII are pouring in and some have the Cardinals better than a touchdown underdog against the Pittsburgh Steelers while others are giving them the big win.  But for now – the Cardinals are the favorite of the entire state.cards-41

And with a win, who’d have ever thunk it that the perennially inept Big Red would bring home the ultimate prize before the Phoenix Suns?